Nipple Clamps With Adjustable Metal Chain Breast Labia Clips



John Doe
John Doe@JohnDoe
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Love love love! Awesome sales, fast shipping, what an incredible organization. I can’t stop raving about this company.
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I admit, I love leather bondage garment, but never have I smelled quality quietlike this before. Shoutout to the leather team of. Quality work like no other.
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"We have reviewed some other BDSM kits in the past, but none of them stands up to the quality and play options of this one."

Adjustable nipple and clitoral chain features a slide-to-fit design that offers variable pressure and a custom fit for your pleasurable twisting, tugging, and teasing fun.

The Fifty Shades of Gray series imported from the UK, a must-have item for BDSM, is made of rose gold nickel-free metal, and the clamp is coated with silicone, the surface is smooth and safe without hurting the nipple and clitoris; the nipple and clitoris are designed with Slide-to-fit The chains are adjustable to the perfect fit, and mini O-rings connect each chain, allowing for extra weight and restraint fittings.

If you love BDSM, you must not miss this simple double stimulation!

Size: Nipple Clip: 9cm x 0.6cm
Clitoral clip: 10.8cm x 0.8cm
A link chain: Approximately 35.6cm


Reinforcement set (with feather racket), Reinforcement set, feather racket


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