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Wax play is most widespread bdsm practice as its very easy and very tender. You should try our wax candles. This wax candle is undoubtedly our most popular product and it will bring a new experience to your erotic life!!!

It made by hand by experienced masters and including only natural hypoallergenic substances.
Our candles have rich colors that look great on the body but nevertheless do not color the skin.
In the presence of dark red, red, purple and pink candles.

Pass the human safety test, safe to use without injury. Temperature control at 118.4℉/48℃, enjoy the burning heat Stimulate but not hurt the skin. The candle is 5.2IN long and 1.25IN wide.


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Red with wax scraper, Dark red with wax scraper, Pink send wax scraper, Purple free wax scraper, Four colors send wax scrape, Wax scraper + disposable waterproof bed sheet


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