Black Hand Clapping Leather With Nail Torture Sex Games Spanking Toys



John Doe
John Doe@JohnDoe
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Love love love! Awesome sales, fast shipping, what an incredible organization. I can’t stop raving about this company.
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I admit, I love leather bondage garment, but never have I smelled quality quietlike this before. Shoutout to the leather team of. Quality work like no other.
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"We have reviewed some other BDSM kits in the past, but none of them stands up to the quality and play options of this one."

If you’ve craved something soft, but strict; severe, yet sensuous; sadistic, but seemingly innocent, we’ve got just the thing for you!

Made from their own unique leather, this paddle delivers a singular sensation when wielded by a dominating hand. It doesn’t take much of a swing to create a stinging impact, so be sure to exercise caution when you land your blows!


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